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Devlog #1: First Contact

Introduction: (Autocrator)

Well hello there… we are Xeniworks! A 2-man team that consists of me, Autocrator, and my brother Rico. This is our first (completely messy) devlog and it feels really exciting.

Projects: (Autocrator)

Currently we are working on numerous Projects including a VR Game code-named “Oneiro”, which is also our main focus. You will hear from our other perilous quests as well some time in the near future.

About the VR Game (Autocrator)

Oneiro is an Open-World First Person VR Game that takes place in the not so distant future. It is powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and will be released for the PC (Oculus Rift & HTC Vive). We will be revealing more details really soon.

Art-Style (Autocrator)

Our target is to create a stylized world with hints of minimalistic designs, a few exaggerated shapes, and maybe some flat textures thrown around. Yeah I know, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s still messy in my mind and I’m trying to figure things out…

So, in other words, imagine something around Overwatch, with an atmospheric feeling of Journey (but not that low-poly) and a mixture of vivid colors. It won’t be dark and gloomy, that’s for sure!

Environment (Autocrator)

In Oneiro, at least in the beginning, the player will be mostly traveling/fighting in a Desert Environment. Dunes, oases, pyramids, barren landscapes and harsh conditions. I’ve been tinkering around 3Ds Max and Houdini in order to create a test map and I came up with something like this below. It’s a simple dune desert.

With a seed modifier you can instantly change the location of the dunes (making it procedural?). I’ll implement a node that randomizes the scale & rotation as well. As you can see there isn’t much of a variety and some dunes don’t really blend well together (from a realistic point of view, but that doesn’t really matter). Materials will be made inside Unreal Engine.

Characters (Autocrator)

Most of the characters with which the player will interact are robots. From enemies to allies, the game will be filled with machines. Below, you can have a small taste of a few placeholder bots. From large warrior-type mechs to small water carriers or tiny scarabs that will test your patience and mess with your machinery.

Gameplay (Rico)

What will be your first experience with the game you might ask! I am aiming at creating a Demo shooting range level that will serve as a test bench for the various weapons, locomotion, interactions and to start portraying the overall feeling of the game to you.

After finishing a good amount of stable content, we will move onto the next big step, for which we will discuss in a future Devlog.

In VR we know its paramount to have lots of interactions with the world. That is why we plan to have plenty of weaponry options with customizations, machinery handling and …oh wait for another Devlog.

Mechanics (Rico)

About the mechanics we want to reach a realistic level without breaking the flow and subsequently the fun of the game.

This means that it won’t be necessary for your hand to come perfectly in contact with an object to be able to grab it (surely some exceptions will be made). Moreover, I’ve been also working on a realistic (not simulation) reloading system.

These elements have been somewhat implemented. Object grabbing is missing a visual indicator though, to know what you actually are going to pick up. Haptic feedback has been added. The grab range will be adjusted when we have an actual world to test on. The weapon reloading is a bit tricky and not fully done (some bugs remain). It gets complex because many components need to work well together. However, the physics sliding of the magazine is working very well and you can even reload while not holding the mag. Ho0Oray!

InGame Asset (Rico)

In the gifs you see what a weapon would look like. I’m still experimenting with proportions and overall style (nothing is finalized). Every weapon needs to feel as natural as possible while holding it, which is challenging considering the only weight is that of your controller.

Current Goal (Rico)

At this stage of the development, we will be releasing every two weeks updates about our progress no matter their significance, ideally on Fridays. So if you are interested, stay tuned (and follow our social media)

Website (Autocrator)

Our website is still under development and will be improved from time to time.

Thanks for reading and see you on our next Devlog!

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