Devlog #2: Of Sand and Steel

Introduction: (Autocrator)

Well, here we are… we’re back for our 2nd Devlog. Project’s development has been progressing pretty ok. I just remembered that I have to organize our social media a bit. They are completely empty… but nobody got time for that

Level: (Autocrator)

These past 2 weeks I’ve been occupied with creating a block-out for the first level and headquarters, while also creating a list with points of interest e.g. a bridge that needs to be fixed and that will enable land trading with merchant NPCs but also a route for enemies to pass by easier and thus allowing them to bring heavier forces with them(?).

Couldn’t finalize a design tbh. Moodboard kept filling up with pictures. From one point I want to add some nice ideas but on the other hand I probably should keep it really simple (for now at least). It’s a gargantuan battle in my head. All my demons (even those in a different universe) shout “go complex, screw that philosophy about simplicity”, but in the end none of them wanna help out in the execution. Like, wtf guys?

A block-out that didn’t make it. Probably will be used for another level

So, the HQ will be a small (high-tech) pyramid, abandoned, broken and left in a complete mess. You’ll have to clean it up and make everything operational again. This place could work as a little tutorial as well. What was this pyramid doing there in the first place in the middle of nowhere? I have absolutely no idea. Could have been a fortress that protected a passage? Maybe a research facility? A prison of lost hopes and ambitions? We shall find out pretty soon!

The 2nd block-out. Vegetation props are from our Jam Game (Purito) lol

About the level, I went completely full plain-mode (like a bowl of rice, without salt and lemon) but in the end I’ve added a few extra geological elements. So, you just came out of a cave, in the middle of the desert. A pyramid is visible in the distance. What you do next is up to you ofc, but the obvious is to just head straight to it and find shelter since you’re thirsty and starving (or maybe even you’re being hunted by some foes OR maybe a massive sandstorm is about to vanish anything in its path???). You could also just wander towards nearby points of interest before heading to the HQ. Maybe you’ll find something of importance that might help you in the pyramid… who knows!

A quick sketch of the first level (went on with this version)

Mechanics: (Rico)

Advances have been made on the weapon’s handling. Now in order to shoot, first you have to cock the weapon and inheritably if there is a magazine with at least a bullet, it will chamber it. Shell ejecting when shooting was also added and manual bullet ejecting while moving the slide from closed to open position.

There is a manual slide release functionality that comes in handy when the slide is racked without a magazine or if the ammo of an equipped magazine has been emptied, you can chamber the next bullet after loading the new mag.

This week I polished a lot of logic, made an overall update with some additions to haptic effects and sounds. New content might seem scarce but a lot of thought and development is being done on the backend, so that every element behaves as it should with each other.

Audio: (Rico)

While working on the weapon’s functionality, I felt the need to put some sounds here and there. Testing became more fun! Hearing and seeing it behave more like the real thing, helps on the final outcome.

So while I was at it, I created sort of the backbone of how future audio would work. I’m no expert on sound design but I guess my soundclasses/mixes and attenuations will suffice for now.

Right now there are sounds for shooting, pulling the trigger, grabbing/ sliding/ cocking the slide, dry clicking (when pulling the trigger but there is no bullet in the chamber), shell ejecting with impact sound when coming into contact with the world and finally, weapon whooshing while in air (if you throw it, that is) and on impact sound like the shell.

More sounds need to be added, which they will as the whole system comes along.

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