Devlog #4: New Horizon

Level: (Autocrator)

Week hasn’t started the way I expected. Busy real-life, UE4 crashes like crazy, waiting eons for shaders to finish compiling and yada yada yada (have to get a new PC).

This week, I’ve been mostly busy with creating the Terrain Material, fixing some things while also organizing the whole project. To speed up the process, I bought a few terrain textures. They will suffice for now.

Besides this, I decreased the size of the terrain. From a clearer point of view it felt a bit gigantic, and probably still is. Sadly, I don’t have the Oculus with me to test it out right away. Rico is the one using it and we are hundreds of kilometers apart.

I suppose a way to “decrease” the distance is by giving the players a hover bike so they can travel a bit faster, or even a rechargeable teleporter (Rick & Morty style) [OR even a couple of clones of yourself scattered around the level with whom you have established a subconscious connection, can possess, and control… And a virus that makes them go rogue] (looks at Rico).

My short term (till the end of month) targets are:

  1. Decrease the size of the terrain a bit further and fix any problems that might arise.
  2. Make it look a bit nicer (add the right vegetation and terrain elements) and then send it over to Rico
  3. Organize myself and the project.

Well, I have much to say but not the luxury of time. Hopefully my next devlog will be richer in content and visuals.

Mechanics: (Rico)

The prototype holstering system is finished. Of course the visual is just a placeholder. Right now when you holster weapon magazines, it offsets their position, so they can be visible and easily selected. In the final version it could be an exploding effect or something entirely different. Without the final body it is pointless to construct the visual aspect of it. We might have a classic tactical holster/pouch or even a futuristic animated holster with magnetic pull xD

InGame Asset: (Rico)

I spent this week constructing the workflow for our weapons’ creation, from which of course, other objects can borrow some elements as well. So, basically it showcases what kind of visual styles to avoid and which are more suited for this particular game. Taking into account the overall silhouette and final detail. All this, with the addition of making it mechanically and interactively plausible, meaning that some sort of trigger should exist, a slider that also has a shell ejecting port with the possibility of a visible chamber, a magazine slot and as many attachments the design can handle.

In the images below you can see my design from concept to 3d blockout. Hopefully this will turn out to be what we are looking for, and if it won’t… oh well, more iterations for me 😀 Nevertheless, I am on the right track and going forward to the next week, the final version will be finished with a workflow that will help us in the months to come.

Itch.io: Autocrator

You can also find our official itch.io page below.

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