Devlog #5: Pre-Alpha Demo 0.01

Pre-Alpha Demo:

Our first ever (pre-alpha) demo is out and you can start shooting some vases. Download it from our itch.io page here.

Next Devlog and update of our Demo will be released by the end of July. That means no more biweekly blog posts. We re-organized our game’s structure a little bit last weekend, it felt a nebulous at least in my head, and we clarified this month’s goals.

Failed tasks: (Autocrator)

I set a list of tasks for myself that I must finish by the end of every week (I don’t announce most of them). If I don’t meet the self-imposed deadlines I just pass on to the next one. Currently, I feel like I failed to deliver a desert level, a clean workflow with Houdini and the terrain material. Actually most of them are ~70% completed, however we haven’t added them in 0.01.

Vegetation: (Autocrator)

Last 2 weeks I spent as much time as I could to create some vegetation for our central building. This structure was supposed to be a pyramid-HQ, but ended up being a roof garden on a weird Zigurat.

Including some bumpy stone decorations for our buildings (assets in scene are ~2k polys)

In our demo we use only the first grass (the one on the left). Its “dynamic” material is also finished. You can change its bottom and top colors to whatever you like. The rest of the grass/plant assets are in experimental phase and will be worked on sometime in the future.

I followed Jess’s amazing Tutorial to add Wind to our vegetation but had to adjust it a bit since it wasn’t working correctly 100% for our grass. The issue was that we had textures (albedo, normal) and not just plain colors (and a couple of other nodes that messed things up).

Abstract: (Rico)

Recently, Ι moved the project to the Unreal Engine 4.22 version. Of course, there were many benefits for doing so, but one huge drawback occurred. Previously I was making use of a method that would strip many of the Oculus package components and keep only the absolute necessary. This meant for my Low-end dev machine a huge deal, because testing the game in non stable 90 frames is catastrophic. I had to find a solution, kinda did, but it only disables the Oculus home. In this endeavor I found that disabling ‘Supports Dash’ and ‘Composites Depth’ from the Project Settings -> Plugins -> OculusVR, will gain us some extra performance.

InGame Asset: (Rico)

The Pistol is finished but not entirely 😛 The texture might look like something you would “win” in a loot crate, and one might think it is overly unique to have the game populated with it, yet, I did some quick color variations and it does look pretty good! So what is missing? LODs and classification, which will be added later.

We want the different weapons to be represented by their respectful fictional companies. This is done for both production and in-game purposes. So the classification is still debated upon and that is why I am leaving it for last, I am sure it will come naturally. To conclude, I think the final result is relatively close to what we envision, and going forward using what I learned as a solid base, I know exactly what needs to be tweaked.

On a side note: In a future approach for our weapons, I want to experiment in a more hand sculpted manner. Nonetheless, the workflow is finito, but will be refined over time.

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