Devlog #6: Ammunition

Gameplay Design: (Rico)

A lot of deliberation went through with Autocrator, into what type ammunition will exist in the game. At first, I thought it would be cool if every weapon had its own unique magazine, but that would mean a lot of work. The same applies with having a whole array of bullet types e.g.(9mm, 7.62x39mm, and so on). So to keep the scope a little bit smaller and make things simpler for the player to understand, it became clear that we had to abandon this idea.

In the end, three main branches of projectiles were created, consisting of the ballistic, energy and special type. Each with its own sub-branches. For the ballistic type are compact, medium, long, shotgun and misc). For the energy and special, I didn’t think of something yet, but imagine for the latter to be in the lines of a bazooka projectile. Every sub-branch has a number of properties (travel speed, damage, penetration and range) that affect how they interact with the world.

Moreover, the projectile containers e.g. magazine, cartridge, clip, inner weapon holder, will be distinguished by color (red, turquoise, yellow, green, purple) respectively to the above sub-branches. We will try to adopt, a one size-fits-all-container, which in other words means that every weapon that shoots compact bullets, will have the same 3D model magazine. Yes, we need to do a very good job blending the different parts together. It might be tricky as we need to incorporate the same magazine to the different weapon designs and it ultimately might look odd, out of place and scrap this concept all together. Still, we are going to hold on the color schemes, and of course there will be bigger sized magazines (containing more bullets) 🙂

Mechanics: (Rico)

I’ve added the ability of manually load individual bullets into the magazine. Autocrator thinks that this is pointless (“I never said that”), and too laborious. On the contrary, because there will be time to prepare for an upcoming attack or an excursion outside of your base, I believe getting ready to unleash mayhem, like an old Schwarzenegger film, is crucial for a much grandiose experience. With this mechanic I think we serve the players an extra layer of gameplay possibilities. And yeah you can also extract the bullets that are already inside the mag.

On a side note, there will be automated ways/machines of preparing your ammunition, if the player chooses to utilize 😉 . Moreover, there will be small containers storing bullets and bigger ones with magazines (or a device that does both and has the ability to reload magazines.

A few experimental stuff were also done the past two weeks. Objects that are about to be grabbed, are properly highlighted now. I had to do a number of changes to the interaction component to accommodate the new feature, but it works as well as it looks. At its current point I can’t know if it will stay as is, or add more indicators.

Precision grabbing was something I worked on too. We need this for the holstered items and later on, for the inventory. Or generally when trying to grab more than one object from a closer distance. Players grabbing distant objects will have lesser control over what they end up grabbing if there are a bunch of targets to choose from. The code is kinda laid out and works as intended, but the distance and area of effect really needs fine tuning.

You can find our latest Demo in the link below

Thank you for reading, till next time!

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